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I have been getting the following exception in my HBase master logs:

14/08/15 16:51:53 WARN util.FSTableDescriptors: The following folder is in HBase's root
directory and doesn't contain a table descriptor, do consider deleting it: .logs2

The reason was because I a long time ago had some issues, where I had moved /hbase/.logs to /hbase/.logs2 solve them. Don’t remember what the issue was, but since then I had been getting the above error message.

Apparently HBase WARNs about every directory in /hbase/ that shouldn’t be there, the solution was, obviously enough, to remove /hbase/.logs2.

root@hbase1:~$ sudo -u hdfs hdfs dfs -rm -r -skipTrash /hbase/.logs2

I don’t recommend deleting stuff from /hbase/ unless you know exactly what it is and why you are doing so.

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